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Can I Do It Again?

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I recently had the opportunity to interview and introduce recording artist, Sunshine Anderson.

If that name doesn’t sound familiar, maybe you’ll recognize her Grammy-nominated song, Heard It All Before released back in 2001.

She told me her story of achieving great success and then great failure.  She said for years she was trying to chase and recapture the success of … Read more...

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Results Not Typical

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They’re on weight loss commercials, makeup ads, exercise infomercials…three little words in very fine type.

Results not typical.

This means the average person shouldn’t really get their hopes up too high because the fabulousness they’re seeing on TV, in the magazine ad, on the late night infomercial are the exception.

Network marketers have the potential to make millions of dollars … Read more...

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How to Experience Peace

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Worry. Fret. Stress.

We’re not supposed to do these things…especially if you’re a person of faith.

We’re supposed to cast our cares upon the Lord and leave them there.

If we’re truthful, we don’t always succeed in this area. I know I don’t.

The worries and the burdens we leave at the altar at the end of church usually ride … Read more...

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