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We Need Community

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Weldon mentioned it just last week.

Mike, the lead pastor at Trinity Vineyard, talks about it often.

What is “it?”

Community—the connecting of like minded people or people with a common interest or goal.

It was something Weldon said that struck me deeply.

He talked about hunter and gatherer communities and how being shunned or put out from your community….to … Read more...

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Can I Do It Again?

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I recently had the opportunity to interview and introduce recording artist, Sunshine Anderson.

If that name doesn’t sound familiar, maybe you’ll recognize her Grammy-nominated song, Heard It All Before released back in 2001.

She told me her story of achieving great success and then great failure.  She said for years she was trying to chase and recapture the success of … Read more...

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Cookie Cutters Are Good For Cookies

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When it comes to your life, cookie cutters are useless.

Your process maybe similar to someone elses but they’re never identical.

That’s why it’s difficult for me to issue absolutes or spit out formulas for success.

Here’s what I know for sure.

Being obedient, being authentic is the surest way to achieve success. When you do stuff just because everyone … Read more...

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One Of Those Days

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Have you ever woke up mad?

Your mood is foul.

You’re irritable.

You snap at your spouse. You snap at the dog. You snap at the kids.

You loathe your reflection in the mirror and beat yourself up for not being smaller, bigger, taller, shorter.

It’s one of those days and everything is wrong with everything and everybody—especially YOU.

You …

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Calling It Quits

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When something is no longer serving you well, when it’s draining you emotionally, mentally, physically and financially, it maybe time to bid that thing a fair adieu—a fair farewell.

Sometimes a business, a relationship, a job runs its course but we hold on to it far past its expiration date and again, that usually ends up biting you in the … Read more...

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When Mother’s Day Hurt

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It’s that time of year again.

Time when we celebrate mothers and for some is a wonderful occasion.

For others, not so much.

I started seeing Facebook posts of women who were wounded.

They were missing mom, estranged from mom or in bad relationships that made the day difficult to celebrate.

Then there were the women who checked off of … Read more...

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