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All You Need is the Lesson and the Story

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Gut-wrenching pain. It’s unavoidable and part of the human experience.

And for many, they carry the baggage of the experience with them for the rest of their lives and into new relationships. Oftentimes causing a repeat of the past.

This baggage, this:

  • Betrayal
  • Hurt
  • Regret
  • Stigma
  • Shame

prevents progress and true healing.

The hurtful words hurled are often rehearsed until … Read more...

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How Not to Drive Each Other Crazy During Quarantine

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For some, this is the first time you’ve had to spend extended time at home with the entire family. You’re balancing work from home, the kids, maybe even your parents and your significant other.

It’s the first time you’ve had to spend 24/7 with everybody and it’s not a family vacation.

And undoubtedly, someone is bound to get on someone’s … Read more...

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The Last 3 Years Groomed Me for this Moment: Lessons on how to Redefine Normal

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The past three years have prepared me for this moment. 

Or at least giving me a good crash course on what it is to redefine normal.

Three years ago, my mother passed away after a lengthy illness.

Me and my momma, Bishop Gwendolyn P. Mack circa 1987

No lie, it was tough readjusting to life without her. I had been … Read more...

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15-Year Work From Home Mom Shares Her Secrets

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With COVID-19 moving employees away from the office and into their homes for a dose of social distancing, many parents find themselves working from home with the kids.

And every entrepreneur who works from home knows that running a business has its own set of unique challenges when you’re by yourself. Add school-aged children, the dog, and two cats, and … Read more...

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There’s a Beautiful Story of Community, Family in FX Series, ‘Pose’

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I’ve been thinking a lot about community lately and how being embedded in one can change one’s life. For better or for worse.

Some communities can eat away at your soul and self-worth and believe it or not, it can be difficult leaving those spaces. Especially if it’s the only family or community you know. To abandon it would mean … Read more...

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I Wasn’t Feeding Hunger, I Was Feeding ‘Something Else’

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I remembering sharing with someone how the emotional eater doesn’t eat out of hunger. There’s no physical trigger that eludes to the fact that the body needs nourishment. Emotional eaters eat from a different place and it’s not hunger.

As someone who has been an emotional eater for a good solid three decades, in a moment of clarity it dawned … Read more...

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