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Marjorie Clayman has a huge heart.

She consistently finds loads of “good trouble” to get into and that’s what I appreciate most about her. She’s been known to support and share causes, make introductions and connections, and use her gifts to improve life for those who are hurting.

Marjorie has created hand-made throws, blankets, and caps for organizations like the Ali Forney Center ever since I’ve known her. She is always willing to help and fight injustices in her unique way.

Now she is lending her voice to advocate for those with dwarfism. Marjorie stands at 4’5 and was born with a form of dwarfism called Russell Silver Syndrome. After growth hormone therapy she was diagnosed with ovarian failure dashing any hopes of one day having children of her own.

In a post during #dwarfismawarenessmonth, she wrote, “Dwarfism is a life sentence for many of us but it does not have to be a sad journey. Love what others take for granted. Be happy for those who have what you’re missing and reach out to those missing what you have.”

Marjorie brings awareness to dwarfism by sharing her tales of everyday life.

Let’s just say some people and kids can be cruel.

Still, this doesn’t stop her advocacy or charitable contributions.

Marjorie uses her social media voice and her hands to bring about change and help others.

Not to mention her efforts to get my film project funded and the one time she wrote the forward for my book.

Marjorie is a Phenomenal Woman—all 4 feet and 5 inches of her and it is my pleasure to honor her during Women’s History Month.




  • Cynthia K says:

    All of us who know, work and travel with MJC are amazed at the energy and good humor that is a constant in her approach to facing and conquering the world around us. TWK, thank you for seeing and sharing what we have enjoyed for decades.

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