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How to Prevent Business Travel Burnout

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The jobs of most entrepreneurs and businessmen require them to be on-the-go 24×7, which means that traveling is essentially an inseparable part of their jobs. The specific term coined for such people is ‘road warriors’, particularly because they have to always be on the beck and call of their client and/or company. Every businessman’s or entrepreneur’s day begins and ends … Read more...

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Hand Surgeon Warns of Dangers of Mishandling Fireworks

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Every year, July 4th celebrations feature many time-honored American traditions, including parades, barbeques, and of course, fireworks. But the fun of fireworks can quickly turn to danger and severe injury, too, says Dr. Ying Chi, a hand surgeon with Hoag Orthopedic Institute in Orange County, California and warns that the mishandling of fireworks can send someone to the emergency room.… Read more...

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New Line of Handcrafted Leather Accessories by MotoChic®

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Women’s lifestyle brand, MotoChic®, is launching a new handcrafted line of unisex small leather goods in collaboration with SPM Design Works.

MotoChic® combines innovative design with high-performance materials for adventure lovers and women on the go. The line includes bags, clothing, and accessories that are both fashionable and functional. The new MotoChic® x SPM Design Works leather goods include handmade … Read more...

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Attorney Gives Tips on How Young Black Men Can Survive Traffic Stops

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Attorney Ben Crump had a sit-down with 17-year-old student-athlete, Jai Smith, to discuss how kids can protect themselves when stopped by police.

Based on a study released by American Journal of Public Health, Black men are three times more likely to be killed by police. That fact was the catalyst for the “Tribe Talk” segment with Attorney Crump and hosted … Read more...

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