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Lisa N. Alexander
Speaker + Entrepreneur
This Woman Knows, The Marketing Stylist™, That VSG Chick

Yeah, This Woman Knows

The journey to becoming a woman who knows took me down paths I would never have imagined for myself. No lie, some lessons were really hard to learn and I didn’t learn them until I was ready to face them, do the work and make changes.

I’ve learned that some of the choices I made as a young woman were the best choices I could have made at the time given my experience (or lack thereof) and upbringing. In college, I learned that this is perfectly okay. Leaders do it all the time and are okay with the results. You make the best decision you can possibly make based on the information you currently have on hand. If you have to correct later on because you have new information, that’s okay too.

Finally coming to terms with who I was at my core, who I was designed to be allowed me to confront the lies I told myself and the lies fed to me by others. I began to see myself differently. I began to see the world differently.

So today, I can confidently tell you, I’m a woman who knows; a woman who knows her worth knows what she brings to the table, and knows she can do whatever she puts her mind to.

And I’m still learning and evolving.

Because I finally accepted my truth, I started several businesses and put myself out there.

It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.

Because walking into a crowded room being a woman of color, who is known to occasionally sport an Afro puff and be larger than a size two can be challenging.

You have to know who you are and walk into that room like you own it and I did. One time I almost walked out; remind me to tell you how that turned out.

What I Know For Sure

Here’s what I know for sure…fear paralyzes and if you allow fear to keep you in its grip, you’ll never experience the magic.

Yes, it’s true, the magic always happens outside your comfort zone. Trust me on this one.

I Was Not Alone

As I began to own my space and live out loud, others noticed. Women wanted to know how they could live out loud too. How they could become women who knew.

And that’s why you and I are here today.

This is a community of women celebrating what they’ve learned on their journeys and encouraging those just starting out on the road to self-discovery. Wherever you are on your path…I’m glad you made it.