This Woman Knows (TWK), an expansion of Lisa N. Alexander’s 2013 book of the same name, curates women’s experiences through the power of storytelling through engaging blog posts, live and virtual events, and audio and video podcasts all to help people grow and evolve into the best versions of themselves.

The website featured blog posts from women of diverse ethnicities and faiths all sharing their unique stories. During this phase, TWK quickly realized the importance of women hearing each other’s stories, which facilitated personal growth and deeper understanding. Beyond blog posts, Lisa began conducting interviews and launched TWKtv, a show that highlighted successful entrepreneurs, women who overcame physical health challenges, and those who navigated difficult parental relationships.

In 2023, Lisa launched the This Woman Knows Podcast, featuring notable guests like NAACP Image Award Winner Dr. Arlene Gordon-Hollingsworth, creator of Gracie’s Corner, and Kay Matthews of the Shades of Blue Project, who discussed the challenges of being a Black, female nonprofit founder.

TWK also hosts live and virtual events. Past events include vision board parties, African dance classes, and a virtual webinar titled “Momma Trauma: Finding Grace for Our Mothers and Peace for Ourselves.” This webinar featured mothers and daughters sharing their experiences of estrangement, abuse, and healing. Lisa and Lacey Tezino, founder of Passport Journeys, discussed the trend of growing estrangement and how Lacey’s app aids in mother-daughter reconciliation.

In 2024, TWK expanded by launching the This Woman Knows Podcast Network (TWKN), dedicated to producing content that supports women’s growth. The network will feature two limited series: one by Cordelia Gaffar on women’s sexuality and another by Rae Wright-Burrell on raising an autistic son.

TWK operates as a subsidiary of PrettyWork Creative LLC, an award-winning creative agency.