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How Not to Drive Each Other Crazy During Quarantine

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For some, this is the first time you’ve had to spend extended time at home with the entire family. You’re balancing work from home, the kids, maybe even your parents and your significant other.

It’s the first time you’ve had to spend 24/7 with everybody and it’s not a family vacation.

And undoubtedly, someone is bound to get on someone’s … Read more...

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There’s a Beautiful Story of Community, Family in FX Series, ‘Pose’

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I’ve been thinking a lot about community lately and how being embedded in one can change one’s life. For better or for worse.

Some communities can eat away at your soul and self-worth and believe it or not, it can be difficult leaving those spaces. Especially if it’s the only family or community you know. To abandon it would mean … Read more...

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Finding Real Love in The Age of The “Me Too” Movement

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How a Female Relationship Coach is Helping Men Navigate the New Dating and Relationship Landscape

While the “Me Too” Movement has shined the spotlight on a topic that had long been ignored and has led to thousands of women breaking their silence, it has also had a ripple effect beyond the workplace. It has impacted the dating landscape.

“It’s scary. …

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