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Join This Woman Knows Media and Passport Journeys for a discussion on estrangement, therapy for mothers and daughters, and the various pathways to healing.

Many adults struggle with the dysfunctional and tumultuous relationships they have had with their mothers. This pain can impact personal growth, and the ability to hold healthy relationships, and even negatively affect how they parent their children. Estrangement is often the result and this growing trend is causing angst in families nationwide. As Mother’s Day approaches, the pain of this dysfunction can be amplified. On Friday, May 10 at 7 p.m. CST, This Woman Knows Media will host a virtual conversation called, Momma Trauma: Finding Grace for our Mothers and Peace for Ourselves.

Lisa N. Alexander, CEO of This Woman Knows Media, is familiar with the “mother wound” and its consequential estrangement. “When I looked at the trauma my grandmother endured growing up in the American South in the mid-1900s and the pain my mother experienced being married to a closeted gay man, I understood the pain each of these women felt and how it impacted their ability to mother,” Alexander said. “This is what the mother wound looks like passed down generationally,” she added. “I was only able to see this after years of internal work, journaling, and therapy,” said Alexander.

“The number of mothers and their daughters experiencing this phenomenon is on the rise,” says Lacey Tezino, founder of Passport Journeys—an app that connects mother-daughter pairs with licensed therapists. “Being adopted and having only ten years with my mom before she passed, was a crash course in healing and grace,” Tezino said. “That’s why we said yes to this event because mother-daughter relationships that can be healed should be able to do so,” she continued.

Trauma recovery coach Emily Cleghorn, transformation coach, Marcia Hurt, and alchemist and intuitive healer, Tywanah Evette will share their experiences and wisdom. The main discussion will feature Alexander and Tezino, followed by a Q&A period and a healing and breath work session led by She Wellness Coach, Kim Bady.

The event is free. Registration is required. Register online at

About This Woman Knows Media

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About Passport Journeys

Passport Journeys’ primary mission is to facilitate bonding, communication, and healing between mother-daughter relationships. The mother-daughter bond doesn’t necessarily have to be broken or non-existent. The application was designed to support the adult mother and daughter relationship wherever they are in the relationship spectrum and provide a platform in which each individual feels safe to come together and focus on the beauty of their relationship.

With approximately 120 million women in America, 85 million of them being mothers, there is a large population that would benefit specifically from the services this application provides. Although mother and daughter pairs try to seek therapy, there are sometimes little to no options for them because of their geographical location, the flexibility of appointment times, the cost being too expensive, or they simply do not feel comfortable stepping into a therapist’s office. Thus, this application provides the bridge to connect mother and daughter pairs to mental health services that otherwise would not have access to by allowing them to receive therapy in the comfort of their own space, is relatively cheaper than traditional therapy, and has more flexibility in scheduling appointments.

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