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Practicing Forgiveness: I Didn’t Want to Be “That” Person

| This Woman Knows | 4 Comments

I know these people all too well. I’ve sat on the phone with them…sometimes for hours. I would listen and empathize…sometimes. Sometimes, I’d put the phone down and come back….

Making money while living outside the U.S.: Nykema’s Story

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Beauty expert, Nykema Brown of Nykema Brown Beauty left Houston and became a resident of Mexico. Her story is Episode number four and is part two of a series of...

Happy Birthday! This Woman Knows Celebrates 10 Years!

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Ten years ago, I released my second book, This Woman Knows. There was no book tour. Not a lot of fanfare. And it never made it to Amazon’s Best Seller…

Things to Consider Before You Cut Them Off

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I went to an event not too long ago and a young woman spoke about having to cut her momma off. Her mom displayed some toxic behavior and it was…