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Things to Consider Before You Cut Them Off

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I went to an event not too long ago and a young woman spoke about having to cut her momma off. Her mom displayed some toxic behavior and it was…

Here We Go Again

| Healthy Living, This Woman Knows | 4 Comments

Deep sigh. I thought I was past it but alas, here we are…again. The scale said 205 pounds. I felt so defeated. Five years out from weight loss surgery and…

Post-Traumatic Stress and How It Manifested

| Healthy Living, Personal Development | 2 Comments

Sometimes, you’re unaware of the effects certain events have on your life. I didn’t see caring for Momma as traumatic, but it was.

My role in the chaos that unfolded

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I feel I need to start with a disclaimer. This post is not asking victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, or any other kind of violent crime to do anything…