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Stay Big Mad or Heal?

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I learned a long time ago that we can choose our response to many of life’s circumstances. We do have options. One of my options during my hellish encounter was…

Enjoy the Journey? Seriously?

| Spirituality, This Woman Knows | 2 Comments

When life is hard, when you’ve been blindsided and left reeling, “enjoy the journey” is the last thing you want to hear!

What Abundance For All Looks Like

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Bumblebees. Honey bees. Wasps of all kinds. They all fill my garden and go from flower to flower gathering nectar and pollinating the fruits and veggies. There’s no fighting. There’s…

All You Need is the Lesson and the Story

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Gut-wrenching pain. It’s unavoidable and part of the human experience. And for many, they carry the baggage of the experience with them for the rest of their lives and into…