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Post-Traumatic Stress and How It Manifested

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Sometimes, you’re unaware of the effects certain events have on your life. I didn’t see caring for Momma as traumatic, but it was.

My role in the chaos that unfolded

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I feel I need to start with a disclaimer. This post is not asking victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, or any other kind of violent crime to do anything…

Stay Big Mad or Heal?

| Self Love, This Woman Knows | One Comment

I learned a long time ago that we can choose our response to many of life’s circumstances. We do have options. One of my options during my hellish encounter was…

Enjoy the Journey? Seriously?

| Spirituality, This Woman Knows | 4 Comments

When life is hard, when you’ve been blindsided and left reeling, “enjoy the journey” is the last thing you want to hear!