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“If you’re not breathing, there’s no yoga asana happening!”

“Be kind to your body. Ahimsa is the practice of nonviolence. It isn’t about forcing your body into a pose, but finding strength and ease in the pose.”

I can guarantee you that if you attend any of Sharon’s yoga classes, you’ll hear her repeat those phrases.

When I wandered (or was divinely led ) to Sharon’s studio, my body and spirit were in need of a lot of ahimsa. Because after decades of living off of antacids, and being downright soul-weary, my entire being screamed for change.

Thankfully, not too far from my home, I found a sanctuary of healing and tranquility, led by the remarkable Sharon Kapp.

Visiting her studio for the first time was the beginning of my healing journey. Her words stayed with me. Especially her guidance about time on our mat translating to life off of our mat. If we could breathe and find strength and ease in each pose, then we could breathe and find strength and ease during each of life’s challenges.

She didn’t lie.

As the founder of Houston Yoga & Ayurveda Ashram, Sharon has dedicated her life to guiding others on their journey towards holistic wellness, inner peace, and profound transformation. Through her expertise, compassion, and unwavering commitment to healing, she has touched the lives of countless individuals, offering them solace, support, and the tools they need to thrive.

Read more in the Spring 2024 Phenomenal Woman Issue.


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