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Lisa N. Alexander

Abortion: Opening Dialogue between Christians and Non-Christians

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For as long as I can remember, abortion has been an either-or topic. You were either for or against. There was no middle ground and both sides are equally passionate and rightfully so. You’re talking about an unborn child and you’re also talking about a woman’s body and her ability to choose.

Recently, I read a very thoughtful and well-written … Read more...

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How Much Are You Expecting to Get Out of a Teacup?

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Some years ago, I was venting to my friend Denika about an upside-down relationship. In these moments of extreme frustration and confusion, it really does help when your friends are life coaches by profession. Halfway during my rant, she stopped me.

“Lisa,” she exclaimed in her Bahamian accent, “If you ask somebody for a dollar and they don’t have a … Read more...

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The SOS Letter I Wrote Myself In Case of Emergencies

By I Love Me, Personal Development2 Comments

There are times in your life when things are going well.

You’re slaying dragons and conquering demons and then out of nowhere, life happens.

You may begin to question your own sanity, your purpose, and inevitably you start in on all those why questions.

“Why me?”

“Why now?”

“Why am I going through this again?”

In these moments, when it …

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What it Takes to Serve and Love the Emotionally Wounded

By This Woman KnowsOne Comment

Loving and serving the emotionally wounded requires a certain maturity and a mastery in the art of compassion and yes, self-love.

Loving and serving emotionally wounded folk requires that you not mirror back the behavior they’re exhibiting.

It requires that you stay calm, always keep the bigger picture in mind and for you yourself not to act out of frustration.… Read more...

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What they didn’t tell you about relationships, self-help and self-love

By Personal Development, Self Love5 Comments

Here’s the thing.

What the self-help books, enlightened folk, and sages of our day may not always tell you is that once you get healed…

Once your eyes are opened…

Once you’re no longer seeing and reacting to life through the lens of your past hurt…

That some of the relationships you forged in your hurt state, don’t suit you … Read more...

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Beautiful Things Happen When You Collaborate

By Business, This Woman KnowsNo Comments

Women who know, know that collaborations are powerful ways to build relationships, serve a greater audience, and increase your brand’s exposure.

Natalie Lin is such a woman.

She’s the founder and artistic director of the Houston-based orchestra group Kinetic—a conductorless ensemble.

So how do you let your community know about an upcoming event? You collaborate with other artisans and … Read more...

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Not Every Woman Will Say Me Too Publicly and That’s Okay

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Were you shocked by the number of women who said #metoo?

Watching the number of women raise their voice was like watching an avalanche race down a mountain. This avalanche has been good for women. You can’t argue with the sheer number of voices all singing the same refrain. This chorus has been loud. It has been boisterous and unrelenting. … Read more...

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