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October 11 is National Coming Out Day and it’s the perfect time to share this eye-opening interview with Dr. Lulu.

According to The Trevor Project, transgender youth reported significantly increased rates of depression, suicidality, and victimization compared to their cisgender peers. Also, 28% of LGBTQ youth reported experiencing homelessness or housing instability at some point in their lives. These same young people also reported higher rates of mental health challenges compared to stably housed LGBTQ peers.

Parents can find this new revelation about their children unconscionable and often question if they did something wrong. Oftentimes these kiddos find themselves out on the streets because the parent(s) don’t have the tools, language, or skills to support their child.

Dr. Lulu is a Queer, Nigerian-born pediatrician, educator, parent & executive coach, and CEO of Dr. Lulu’s Life Coaching Lounge.

She is the mother of a transgender young adult and works to educate families, healthcare providers, and non-medical organizations on accepting, affirming, and supporting their LGBTQ+ children/patients/employees.

In this interview, she shares how she demanded that her then son, stop acting like a girl. When I asked her about this and her being a queer woman, she responded that internalized homophobia is something some queer parents hold.

Dr. Lulu is also an executive coach who helps your boss install systems and spaces that support you and your queer family at the workplace.

She is the author of “About Your Black Transgender Child,” dropping Winter 2023, and was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for her work on youth advocacy.

Find Dr. Lulu on social media @drlulutalkradio or her website

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