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It’s that time of year again.

Time when we celebrate mothers and for some is a wonderful occasion.

For others, not so much.

I started seeing Facebook posts of women who were wounded.

They were missing mom, estranged from mom or in bad relationships that made the day difficult to celebrate.

Then there were the women who checked off of social media a week before because they just couldn’t handle it for a variety of reasons.

Then there was my own story.

My daughter and I were estranged for about two years and those two Mother’s Day were horrible.

I had to put on a brave face for our son’s sake but it hurt because the relationship with my daughter was broken. But it wasn’t beyond repair.

So because of my own experience and the women I know personally who struggle during this time of year, I came up with the idea to chronicle these stories in a documentary.

The documentary will be released Mother’s Day 2016 and we’re accepting stories.

If you have a story, you can share it here.

So for those of you who are asking, “is it over yet?”…you’re in my prayers.


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