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Have you ever woke up mad?

Your mood is foul.

You’re irritable.

You snap at your spouse. You snap at the dog. You snap at the kids.

You loathe your reflection in the mirror and beat yourself up for not being smaller, bigger, taller, shorter.

It’s one of those days and everything is wrong with everything and everybody—especially YOU.

You hate your home, your car—basically you hate all your stuff.

I know these days well. I wouldn’t dare lie to you and tell you everyday is wonderful and everyday I’m on point and on purpose.

Somedays I need my girl to set me straight and correct me when I talk crazy. When I temporarily lose all my good senses and speak evil against my process, my plan, my purpose and am seriously hating on God’s timing. Especially that last one—God’s timing. Oye.

On these days, there are a couple of things that can usually help shift my mood and my perspective.

And I’ll be honest, it ain’t quiet time in my prayer closet. My mind is already all over the place and on those days I need a different type of prayer.

That’s when I retreat to my office and turn up the music and dance by myself.

No judgment. No condemnation.

Just me jamming to my favorite songs. Thank God Pandora has me dialed in.

I always feel better afterwards, just like James Brown said.

Afterwards, I’m always returned to a state of gratefulness and I’m reminded of God’s love for me.

After a few words in my journal, prayer and meditation I’m ready to resume purposeful living.

And believe me, I repeat this process as often as needed.

So if you should find yourself in a similar space and innocent animals and small children are incurring your wrath, I recommend a self-imposed timeout. Turn up the music and move.



If you consistently find yourself in a “bad mood” there could be something else at work. Have a conversation with your doctor and take care of yourself. Sometimes it takes more than dancing in your room and being active to counter persistent foul moods. Love you bunches. 

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