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If we tell the truth, there are days when we’re not the most pleasant to be around. I posted about those days and you can read about it here.

There are also days where we feel completely out of control and behave that way.

Our thoughts are out of control.

The words “always” and “never” seem to be used greatly on these days.

Our eating/smoking/drinking/cursing/ (whatever your it is) is completely off the charts.

On these days, we’re not making wise decisions.

I know on those days I consume far more calories than I should.

Truth is, there are some things that are completely out of our control and on these sensitive days, that’s extremely frustrating.

Here’s how I’ve been practicing “being anxious for nothing.”

I wrote down a list of the things I am in control of and I do them.

I can control:

  • My water intake
  • My physical activity
  • My perspective/what I tell myself
  • My mood* (dependent on what I tell myself)
  • How I spend my time—I can do something good for others on these out of control days and not TV binge

Again, on these days, its best for me to be active. It’s best to be outdoors in nature even if that means in the backyard pulling weeds out of the garden. I can control the weed population. Hey that’s another thing to add to my list!

On these days when you’re feeling out of control and you’re mad because things aren’t moving like you want and you’re stuck having to wait and the vision isn’t as clear as you’d like it to be, take a deep breath and pull out your own list of things you can control and do them.


*If you consistently find yourself in a “bad mood” there could be something else at work. Have a conversation with your doctor and take care of yourself. Sometimes it takes more than dancing in your room and being active to counter persistent foul moods. Love you bunches.

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