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Be Selfish! A Giant Step Towards Self Care

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As Mental Health Awareness Month draws to an end I wanted to seize the opportunity to write about something really close to my heart for women – SELF CARE.

Too many of us run around after everyone else, keeping our homes, the family, holding down businesses, professions, and society/church commitments. More often than not this can take a toll on … Read more...

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2 Church Girls Share Their Story About Overcoming Mental Illness

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Comedians joke about it.

Sitcoms tell stories about it.

What is itIt is how people of color typically deal with mental illness.

One of my favorite TV shows from the 90s is Living Single. Kadijah—one of the main characters—was suffering from depression and was urged to see a psychiatrist. She was reluctant at first but in a really … Read more...

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