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How I Became Friends With The Other Woman: The Power of Forgiveness

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There was no way we should have become friends. She was the one that my husband (well now ex) had cheated with. I couldn’t believe another woman would willingly be a part of this – fully knowing that her actions were hurting another. That was the version in my head, however, it’s never this simple or black and white. She … Read more...

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What Really Happens In The Bathroom?

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When you think of a bathroom, rather public or private, many different things or events may come to mind. It is a place designed and known for relieving oneself, showering or bathing, or beautifying oneself. More recent, the bathroom has become known as a place for checking missed calls, perusing through emails, or checking text messages. But for most women, … Read more...

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‘Dear Body’: An Emotionally Drained Fat Girl’s Truce and Love Letter to Her Body

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My fat days were coming to an end as the curvy body positivity movement started to make its away into our social media feeds and onto our TVs. There was Gabourey Sidibe’s sexy love scene on the TV show ‘Empire.’ Ashley Graham, a plus-sized model, graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine—the swimsuit edition! Then curvy yoga became a thing … Read more...

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Sugar is not evil

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Sugar is not evil. In fact, without the naturally occurring sugars in fruits, vegetables, and milk our bodies would cease to work. However, refined sugar and the added sugars that make up most of the American diet is a weight on the system, literally and figuratively. We just can’t process the refined sugar or two molecules (one fructose and one Read more...

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