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What Really Happens In The Bathroom?

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When you think of a bathroom, rather public or private, many different things or events may come to mind. It is a place designed and known for relieving oneself, showering or bathing, or beautifying oneself. More recent, the bathroom has become known as a place for checking missed calls, perusing through emails, or checking text messages. But for most women, … Read more...

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The Desperate Housewife

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I am very familiar with desperate situations.

Some were life threatening, others tried to devastate my family financially and then some threatened to unravel the very fabric of my family unit.

When you’re in desperate situations for prolonged periods of time, you start to adopt permanent behaviors not meant to continue once the “all clear” has been given.

One day …

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You Are What You Practice

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When you’re married to a musician, you learn a few things about discipline and skill mastery.

I’ve also learned that practice is what you do before a rehearsal. Professionals never show up to a rehearsal or event without first spending time on their instrument in private—working out the kinks.

My beloved spends hours at the keyboard practicing scales and picking … Read more...

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