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Stay Focused. Stay Anchored. Stay Connected.

By January 17, 2015March 18th, 2015Core Living, Success, This Woman Knows


Many moons ago as a Weight Watcher client, my group leader suggested an anchor to help us in our weight loss journey.

The anchor would serve as a visual reminder of your progress and your goal.

Whenever you felt like going astray…let’s say eat half a cheesecake, your anchor could serve as your reminder of how far you’ve come and to continue on your path.

I believe in these anchors or visual reminders to help keep you focused.

I’ve had several over the years.

One was a silver apple core charm that I wore on a charm bracelet and a necklace.  Apple cores even serve as the screen saver on my laptop.

They reminded me to live from my core…the me God created me to be.

When I found myself outside my comfort zone, I would hold my apple core and remind myself of the strength and power that lied within me.

Instead of sneaking out early from a networking meeting, I turned around and marched myself up to the organization’s president, introduced myself and asked him who I needed to know in the room since I was new. In that moment I was living from my core. I moved from fear to my place of power.

What’s your anchor? What tangible reminder do you have to keep you focused?

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Stay focused. Stay anchored. Stay connected.



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