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Why You Need to Get Over Yourself to Grow Your Business

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You consider yourself an authority. That’s why you felt confident that your idea for a business was a good one. That’s the way of the entrepreneur. You go into the venture as a specialist in your niche.

After launching, however, probably unbeknownst to you, your status shifts. It’s actually more than a shift; it’s a downright plummet. From the expert, … Read more...

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Want to improve your life? It's all about the SYSTEM. Diana Miret

How To Create A System to Improve Your New Year

Results Not Typical

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They’re on weight loss commercials, makeup ads, exercise infomercials…three little words in very fine type.

Results not typical.

This means the average person shouldn’t really get their hopes up too high because the fabulousness they’re seeing on TV, in the magazine ad, on the late night infomercial are the exception.

Network marketers have the potential to make millions of dollars … Read more...

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Here’s How to Catch up On Your Reading

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The networking guru suggested we connect with the influential people we most wanted to meet on social media.

She said start reading, commenting…you know gently start stalking these folk and if possible meet in real life.

That’s when I realized I had a problem. Outside of celebrities and big named people I didn’t really have a list of people with … Read more...

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