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Want to improve your life? It's all about the SYSTEM. Diana Miret

How To Create A System to Improve Your New Year
“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.”— Mike Murdock
The quest to become a better version of yourself often feels like a roller coaster ride. It’s hard. And it’s usually so uneven. You can end in failure. But life is a journey, not a marathon, so you always have another opportunity to restart and improve. When I trained for my marathons I started with a comfortable mileage and added small increments every time I ran. Eventually they added up to a marathon. It was amazing as I looked back on it!


People look out for secrets, tricks, and hacks that will make EVERYTHING better right now. But unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. There are no “overnight successes.” Think of all the incredible people you truly admire. They didn’t succeed because of one giant move, but rather a series of small and consistent actions over time. It’s about having a SYSTEM.

There is no MAGIC BULLET! Embrace the process and enjoy it. You can’t escape the hard work it takes to get better. Every successful person you know has been through the boring, mundane, time-tested process that eventually brings success. So, stop looking for “quick hacks” that bring faster results!

Instead of reading every self-improvement post for the one golden tip that will make you superhumanly efficient, focus on doing the actual work that needs to be done.  Inspire yourself to take action.  Set the intention and get started.

Habit Tracker

I created for myself a Habit Tracker:  a simple chart of the actions that I want to become part of my everyday rituals.  My Type-A personality wanted to create a long list of things to get done every single day but I purposely chose a few key ones.  I will do them for 30 days then I will add a FEW more. The goal is to make change 1 percent at a time. I started with my morning ritual.  In a few months I’ll add on an evening ritual and so on.  The goal is to have comfortable, simple practices that I do every day.

You can’t achieve tremendous life success with a quick fix. Nobody gets it that easy.

Setting a goal, no mater how simple is always the easy part. Everyone has goals. The real challenge is not determining if you want the result, but if you are willing to accept the sacrifices required to achieve your goals.

If you want to achieve your goals at all times, create a system that works. Instead of a goal, design a great system or process. That way, you will always win. Even when your short-term goals are achieved, your next goal won’t be a struggle. Having a system is what matters. Committing to the process makes a huge difference.

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