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Who Am I?

living your truth

I was asked a question several years ago during an entrepreneurship training that truly resonated with me. The question was “Whose truth are you living”?  When first asked, I struggled with being able to provide the facilitator with a response; a response of my own.

When I was very young, I was instructed on what I would do in order to live a successful life and  I had never really given much thought as to how I wanted to live my life.  And although the instruction that I received has been beneficial to me and has helped to completely turn my life around, they were not my ideas.

So, as I sat in that training I felt in part embarrassed and ashamed because I could offer no reply. Here we are, years later and I still have questions. I have often wondered how life would have turned out had I not been given specific instructions on what I should do and how I must live.

Is it possible that success could have still been attainable if following my own dreams and desires? Is it possible that in living out my own truths, success would have still been possible merely because of a self-fulfilling prophecy? I would imagine that I will never find out the answers to these questions, and that is okay.

On the bright side of things, I am now able to acknowledge what inspires me, what makes me ‘tick’, what makes me feel alive, and what brings me the most fulfillment.

Validate Yourself

I do not believe that there is any one set of rules which can be applied in helping someone to learn to live out their own truths. However, I do believe that it requires some level of acknowledgement about who you are. One sure way of identifying who you are is in no longer accepting someone else’s validation over your life.


When we allow other people to validate us, we give them the power to project onto us their beliefs, values, and ideas about ho
w we should live. We are giving them power in telling us what to accept and what not to accept.

Living out your own truth can be an unpopular thing to do, but I encourage you to begin now with learning to live your life, unapologetically. It can be painful to those around you, but it can be one of the most liberating things for you to do.  If you still find yourself struggling to know who you are in order that you may reach your highest potential, I’d like to give you a few tips:

  1. Be Still
  2. Pray
  3. Download Your Ideas and Speak Them Into Existence
  4. Execute
  5. Be Bold; Be You
  6. Die In Contentment!

Tomorrow is a day too late, so let’s make the decision to start living our truth now!




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