You Are What You Practice

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When you’re married to a musician, you learn a few things about discipline and skill mastery.

I’ve also learned that practice is what you do before a rehearsal. Professionals never show up to a rehearsal or event without first spending time on their instrument in private—working out the kinks.

My beloved spends hours at the keyboard practicing scales and picking … Read more...

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Stay Focused. Stay Anchored. Stay Connected.

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Many moons ago as a Weight Watcher client, my group leader suggested an anchor to help us in our weight loss journey.

The anchor would serve as a visual reminder of your progress and your goal.

Whenever you felt like going astray…let’s say eat half a cheesecake, your anchor could serve as your reminder of how far you’ve come and … Read more...

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Conquering the Big Hairy Audacious Goal

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“Habits do one of two things…They will either support or sabotage your #‎success.” –Lisa N. Alexander

Big dreams are sometimes called big, hairy audacious goals.

And yes, big dreams can be scary.

Some dreams and goals are so big you wonder how you’ll get it done.

I learned this expression from an old boss and it makes a world of … Read more...

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Phenom Woman

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