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Money Capital Launches Business Financing Program

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Money Capital has recently launched the most competitive nationwide business loan program in the United States. The loan programs being offered provide business owners with a wide variety of options to consider for their business and perfectly positions Money Capital to become the premier source for business financing.

This will greatly benefit small business and business in general as the … Read more...

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Authors Helping Multi-Generational Families Talk about Money

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In the next 25 years, $68 trillion in wealth will be transferred by U.S. households. An amazing 70% of wealth transfers are squandered because children and grandchildren are not prepared. Two financial book authors have a solution.

Two financial book authors are collaborating to promote family money conversations. Working together as The Money Ladies, Lori Coonen and Lynne Finch, tell … Read more...

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New Online Course on How Black Women Can Finance Their Businesses

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When launched in 1998, we observed that 65% of the inquiries received were from Black women. And they all wanted to know the same thing. How could they raise capital for their business? According to the Diane Project, “black female founders are only able to raise an average of $36,000 in venture funding, while start-ups owned mostly by white … Read more...

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Money Management Strategies for Today’s Single Woman

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It’s often said that two heads are better than one when it comes to setting goals and planning for the future. When you’re single, you bear sole responsibility for handling your finances so it’s especially important to make wise choices.

Many single women in the workplace tend to earn less than their male counterparts,  but that should never mean they … Read more...

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