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When launched in 1998, we observed that 65% of the inquiries received were from Black women. And they all wanted to know the same thing. How could they raise capital for their business? According to the Diane Project, “black female founders are only able to raise an average of $36,000 in venture funding, while start-ups owned mostly by white males have received on average $1.3 million.”

To answer the question, we created an online class that provides data-based advice and instruction, based on our years of experience.


  • Business Planning
  • Your business credit history: Dun and Bradstreet.
  • Data and Resources for Black women businesses
  • The best nonprofit, local/state/federal resources
  • Steps in the business financing process
  • Protecting your ideas: intellectual property rights
  • What type of financing products and sources/investors/lenders are best for your business: banks, credit unions, factors, hard money lenders, crowdfunding, credit cards, venture capital, digital currency, ICOs.
  • Why you should seek out venture capital these days. Which ones to go to. How you should approach them.

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