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Beauty expert, Nykema Brown of Nykema Brown Beauty left Houston and became a resident of Mexico. Her story is Episode number four and is part two of a series of conversations on Black Americans questioning leaving the U.S. You can listen to that episode here.

Here’s how she makes her money now that she’s no longer living stateside.


Beauty & The Boss Brand Image Coaching

What I’ve done with my business is I’ve shifted the actual makeup artistry side. Yes, I still do contract events, weddings, and stuff like that. But my primary focus now is being a “brand image connoisseur.”

So, what I do is teach successful women of color—entrepreneurs, professionals, speakers, coaches—people whose appearance is part of their brand and business and is paramount to their success.

I essentially craft a signature look for them based on who they are, their business, and who their target client is, so that they can show up consistently.

No matter if you’re doing a Zoom, a video podcast, in-person events, or meeting with a couple of clients or investors—I teach them in two-to-three sessions how to recreate their signature look.

So, now everywhere these women show up, they are consistently on brand. These professionals will never miss a dime, because as Black women we have to do a little more, right? We’ve got to look the part.

Because if you don’t look like you know what you’re talking about, somebody’s going to pass you up. Right? So I make sure now that my clients don’t get passed over in any environment.

Nykema Brown Beauty Products

That’s the beauty brand coaching side. I also have my magnetic lash line. And the reviews from my customers have been stellar! These aren’t your regular lashes and if you want a natural look, my lashes are the truth!

Girl F* Them People Coaching

I am launching a coaching program where I help other Black women free themselves of all the various expectations from society, parents, church, and people who tried to limit you.  As a coach, I help women connect with who they came here to be. Because everybody, regardless of your belief system, wherever you think your spirit came from, it chose a purpose for you, before you physically came into this place.

But when you physically came into this place, you were little. So, the people around you told you who you were. They told you what to call yourself, they told you your name.

They told you everything, but they didn’t know your purpose. Because it wasn’t given to them. So basically, I teach women to embrace themselves for who they are. I help them figure out who they came here to be, know what they really like, and how they really want to show up.

Do you want green hair? Do it!

Once you understand who you are and what is your purpose, I help you to walk in that boldly. Because the majority of the people around you were complicit in creating who you were. So for them, when you change, they may not be OK with that. And so that process calls for a bit of reinforcement because the pull to go back is strong.

And so I’m support system to help you be like, “Girl…eff them people!”

You’re going to be who you came here to be and it will be amazing.


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