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New Line of Handcrafted Leather Accessories by MotoChic®

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Women’s lifestyle brand, MotoChic®, is launching a new handcrafted line of unisex small leather goods in collaboration with SPM Design Works.

MotoChic® combines innovative design with high-performance materials for adventure lovers and women on the go. The line includes bags, clothing, and accessories that are both fashionable and functional. The new MotoChic® x SPM Design Works leather goods include handmade … Read more...

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Fashion Trends Set Stage for SHUKR Hijabs and Abayas

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Anas Sillwood didn’t plan on helping create one of the first globally recognized contemporary Islamic clothing brands, but that’s exactly what he did in 2001 with the creation of SHUKR Clothing. SHUKR specializes in modest clothing; including long dresses and skirts, hijabs, loose tops for men and women, abaya gowns, and popular Islamic hats – with a twist of modern … Read more...

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Bodylicious Couture, Releases New Spring/Summer Campaign

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Emerging fashion line Bodylicious Couture releases new Spring/Summer lookbook and campaign. Known for its versatile pieces and easy transitioning attire, Bodylicious Couture features their most popular items in new Spring/Summer campaign for 2019.

The key pieces of this campaign is the versatile Hawaiian Ocean Top with removable sleeves, the Egyptian Goddess Dress with removable lace hood, the Travel Skirt that … Read more...

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The Versatile Wrap Dress

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Hello TWK’ers

Nice to be back here again! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer or season in whatever part of the world you live. We’ve had an okay summer in the UK weather wise. I’ve had my head down motoring away on some business tasks I set for myself…so all-in-all it’s been a good summer.

This post is …

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Michael Sta. Maria: Couture Fashion Born Out Of Tragedy

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Sometimes, beautiful things emerge from tragic events.

This is especially true for Filipino nursing professor Michael Sta. Maria. He has the ultimate when life throws you lemons make lemonade kind of story.

Michael was a high-achieving student, both in high school and in college. He was recognized as an honor student and academic scholar and graduated Cum Laude from Far … Read more...

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Church Girlz With Curlz 2015

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Kandice Ewing is one wise ‘fisherman’ and obviously a woman who knows.

This author, mental health advocate and post abortion supporter uses the African-American natural hair movement to bring women together and show the love of Christ.

The Church Girlz With Curlz is hosting its third conference and this time it’s all about Freedom.

Free to be you.

Free from …

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