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I had gone shopping and pulled out my bounty for my good friend to see.

She looked at it and without missing a beat, “Lees (short for Lisa)…that looks matronly.”

Trust me, matronly was not the look I was going for.

Even in my 80s and 90s I don’t want my attire to be labeled matronly.

I thought I had learned this lesson some time ago but apparently I fell victim to buying something solely because it fit.

That’s not a good enough reason.

I’ve learned that I have to absolutely love it.

I have to love the way it makes me feel.

i-like-i-likeThis is me on the set of She Said What. I loved this outfit! The faux fur and leather black vest, the bright green tunic with
the bright gold zipper and those big, gold hoop earrings had me feeling like God’s gift to all mankind!


Clothes that simply cover the body do nothing for your morale.

I learned that from  watching What Not to Wear and personal experience.

The right outfit coincides with who I am as a person. They reflect my personality. For a long time, finding clothes that did that for plus-sized women was non-existent.

I left matronly wear in the 1990s…or so I thought.  So I’m very thankful for my friend who told me the truth and loved me enough to keep me from going out into the world in that outfit.

[tweet_box]#ThisWomanKnows your clothes should reflect the best of who you are…[/tweet_box]

…and that doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Know your body, know what works best for your shape and then be on the hunt for clothes that make you feel invisible invincible!

That’s all I’m shopping for.



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