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Brows have always been fashionable and are your prominent facial feature. Your brows make your face come alive. They accentuate the eyes, frame the face, communicates your thoughts and can pull your whole look together.

“There are a few common beauty blunders that can be corrected with simplicity to achieve brow envy. Brows, when done right, are powerful, confident, and authentic,” says Krystal Smith, makeup artist, brow expert, and proprietor of the Luxe Beauty Brow and Spa.

For brows done right:

Banish your Tweezer. Try microblading (semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo) to create hair strokes and give the illusion of fuller natural brows.

Throw away your brow pencil. Try ombre brows. Ombre brows are shaded from light to dark to create a more natural look. This look is waterproof and perfect for brides on their honeymoon.

Give your brows time. Give yourself 4-6 weeks to allow your brows to grow in before you try any brow enhancement services.

Be leery of the quick fix.  Brow envy is all the rage; however, some brow/makeup experts are not licensed or certified. At Luxe Beauty Brow Spa, each expert is licensed and certified. We cater to the individual and not the trend.

To learn more about the grand opening on July 7 and Luxe Beauty Brow and Spa, visit the website at; all media interview inquiries for Krystal Smith, please email, 516-548-7775.

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