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Innovation and creativity are the cornerstones on which the African American entrepreneurial community has stood strong. In 1905, Madam C.J. Walker was noted as one of the country’s first enterprise minded women to produce a line of hair care products tailored to women of color. It set the tone—and left a positive message to future generations that if you identify a consumer need and have a passion to change the narrative of something, you can!

Gwen Jimmere is the CEO and visionary behind Naturalicious, a Detroit-based natural hair product development company. Through this imprint, she created the Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System—the world’s first vegan, texture-focused product line proven to save time (by up to 80%) on wash day due to the efficaciousness of the multitasking product collection. The high-performance line has been lab tested and consumer verified to deliver the results of 12 products through a streamlined 3 step, approximately 30-minute process.

Taking the baton from earlier generations, Gwen has carried out the pioneering legacy as she became the first African American woman to have a patent on a natural hair care product line.

“I am honored and blessed to be the first Black woman with a patent on natural hair care products. I do not take this historical achievement for granted. While I’m the first, I don’t aspire to be the only. It is my hope that my accomplishment blazes a new trail.” —Gwen Jimmere

Finding out that she was the first to hold this patent fueled her to open doors for other dynamic women of color. Her personal mission is to share her journey and encourage others to protect their intellectual property—ultimately converting ideas to avenues that will increase generational wealth within the African-American community.

As a family woman working in mainstream America, she understood the importance of looking professional on the job; and badly needed to find a solution for her own lengthy hair regimen. The fusion of her business acumen and pursuit for quality natural hair care products led her to step forward in today’s multi-billion dollar hair care industry.

“Naturalicious is committed to creating time-saving beauty solutions for busy women. Our hair is our crowning glory. How we feel about our hair—especially as black women– is often a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Our products get you from wash to style hours faster than traditional styling, allowing time to be spent on the more precious things in life.” —says Jimmere about how the line is a staple for today’s busy, working woman.

Hailed as the world’s most effective time-saving combination, the Hello Gorgeous line has been featured on NBC’s Harry Connick Jr. Show, Forbes Magazine, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise, Fast Company and many others.

The Naturalicious hair care line can be found globally online, in thousands of national retail locations including Sally Beauty Supply and Whole Foods and at hundreds of independently owned beauty supply stores.

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