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Hello TWK’ers

Nice to be back here again! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer or season in whatever part of the world you live. We’ve had an okay summer in the UK weather wise. I’ve had my head down motoring away on some business tasks I set for myself…so all-in-all it’s been a good summer.

This post is about the versatile wrap dress. Personally, I love dresses as they are an easy option from a styling perspective. It’s one piece, so not too much to think about when trying to put outfits together. I trust you are all busy ladies that want quick and easy outfit options and that’s why I thought to share this with you.

Also, I’ve been working with a lovely client who is on a weight loss journey. Her brief to me was to come up with versatile workwear options as her weight was fluctuating and she had a bit of a tummy.

In my bid to help find a solution to this client’s dilemma, I went in search of what I felt would be the perfect solution for her—the printed wrap dress.

I chose the wrap dress as it is a piece which suits most body shapes, the print would also help take away any attention from the midsection.

Of course, we all know that the queen of the wrap dress is Diane von Furstenburg! Here are a couple of lovely options of hers I found:


I also found a number of wallet friendly options below:


Black Butterfly Wrap Dress     Diamond Dot Wrap Dress   Blue Abstract Wrap Dress     Blue Butterfly Wrap Dress

Finally, I found an African print version too! This dress is available from Tote Collections.


So there you have it, the versatile wrap dress…a perfect addition to your wardrobe. One piece, with print to flatter the mid-section. All you need to do is add the complementary shoes, handbag and jewellery to accessorise depending on the occasion.

Let us know how you get on and if any of these take your fancy.

Till next time,  Blessings!

RabunaStylist with Love Xx

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