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Put It Out There

The Voice That Rises Above The Noise

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“You know what they say everything ain’t for everybody. But I tried anyway.” – Jill Scott

I’ve participated in a number of teleconferences and webinars on various business subjects from a varying array of experts over the past several years. I’ve attended seminars and conferences; both live and virtual. I’ve read blogs, articles and books from different authors on the … Read more...

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I Love Me Says I’m Not Waiting For Some Big Break

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“Your life isn’t about a big break, it is about one significant life transforming step at a time.” ~Tim Storey


This quote pretty much sums up what I know to be true.

I know about delaying life and waiting for that one big moment.

  • Waiting for that big financial windfall.
  • Waiting for the weight to fall.
  • Waiting till the kids
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This Woman Knows Being Busy Is Overrated

Being busy is totally overrated

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Here’s the best way I know how to describe it. It’s that feeling you get when you’re standing or sitting on the beach and the waves cover your feet and legs and then retreat back to the ocean. You feel like you’re moving but you’re actually standing still.

This phenomenon shows up in our lives whether you’re an entrepreneur, work … Read more...

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