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I recently finished producing my first short film and let me be the first to tell you that being on a set all day is hard work!

I came to this project with some knowledge of the process.

I knew how to edit videos. I learned that some years ago when I couldn’t afford to outsource that part of a project.

I’m a decent writer so I knew I could pull of a decent script; even though the first one was horrible and I ended up rewriting it two days before filming.

And I’m no stranger to being in front of a camera and I know lighting is critical to any shoot.

Plus I’m passionate about the film’s message.

That’s it. That’s about all I knew.

Was it everything I needed to know?

Not by a long shot.

Here’s what you need to know in order to launch a successful project.

First, you don’t have to know everything about your project. You don’t have to have all the answers. (Did you just exhale?)

You simply surround yourself with people who do know.


I hired Lane of Bad Colors to handle filming, audio and editing. What I didn’t know when I hired him was that he’s also an acting coach. Had I known, I think I would have been extremely nervous because I am not a trained an actor. This worked out though because of what he knew, he was able to direct me. He was able to take my poorly written script and see possibility. Again passion and vision and the ability to articulate that vision goes a long way in getting people on board with your project.

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I knew I could write a decent script because I knew my material and the message I wanted to convey. So I asked experts to review it and rewrite it for me. A wonderful woman from Australia looked it over and formatted it properly. She took my very crude document and conformed it to the industry standard. I didn’t know, but she did. I was able to give Lane this new script with all the direction and that made film day go that much easier.


Then there was Karon of KaronCouture who did hair and makeup. Now I’m not too shabby when it comes to putting on a face-full of makeup. But prepping a face that’s going to sit under hot lights all days is something altogether different. I didn’t have to know all the tricks of the trade for putting on makeup for camera. I had someone on my team who knew how. Still kinda scary looking at yourself with all that makeup on. I kept thinking…this is way too much. But Karon knows her art and that’s all that mattered.

[tweet_box]You don’t have to know everything about your project for it to be successful.[/tweet_box]

You do need people passionate about their craft who know and who can help you fill in the blanks.

If you can convey the passion and present the win-win, people are willing to help and help you put it out there.


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