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“You know what they say everything ain’t for everybody. But I tried anyway.” – Jill Scott

I’ve participated in a number of teleconferences and webinars on various business subjects from a varying array of experts over the past several years. I’ve attended seminars and conferences; both live and virtual. I’ve read blogs, articles and books from different authors on the same subject. I do this to stay on top of my game and to be of use to my audience and to my clients. I do this so I can reach my own goals.

There are a lot of voices out there.

Lots of experts and gurus.

And even though the marketplace is full of people who can tell you how to start your business, run your business, market your business or sell your business, when one voice cuts through all the noise and touches you at your core, well that’s when you know you’ve found your “man with the pitcher of water.”

Hubby taught this years ago. The short version is, this man would lead the disciples to where they would hold the Passover. He was the one assigned to lead them, to show them. There is someone assigned to lead you.

I heard this voice recently and it cut through all the noise. It cut through my Facebook feed and all my emails.

I’ve been loosely connected to this woman for over a year now. I get her emails, read them on occasion but her last set of emails were as if they were designed just for me. It was exactly what I needed in this moment. Now I’ve heard similar information before but this time it all came together and made sense. It resonated. This student was ready and the teacher…the (wo)man with the pitcher of water appeared to show me where to go.

So what does this have to you with you? What’s my point?

Glad you asked!

If you’re an aspiring leader, speaker, author, expert or guru, believe and know that there are people designed to receive from you. Even though some of the info I’d heard before, it didn’t truly come alive until I heard it from her. If you’re stalling with putting it out there, know there really are people waiting on your unique spin to what may seem like old information.

Like the Jill Scott song says, everything is not for everybody. There’s no need to get offended or be scared by multiple water pitcher carriers in the marketplace. If you’re called to carry water, the right people will be sent to you and you’ll be prepared to help them get to where they need to be.

Still waiting to connect with your (wo)man with the pitcher of water?

I truly believe that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Keep learning and growing; keep searching. I promise it’s not in vain.


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