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Sacred text speak of two only being able to walk together if they agree.

In this case what you say and what you do have to line up or agree.

You can’t say you want something and then not follow up with action.

Speech and action must agree.

I keep reminding my student athlete of this truth.


You can’t say you want to be the greatest yet stay up late and drag yourself into practice the next day.

You can’t say you want to be the best but you don’t take care of your body..the machine that performs out on the field.

You can’t say you want to run a successful business but your customer service is lacking or your books are out of order.

I know. Ouch.

But it’s true.

Our speech and our actions must line up if we’re to get what we profess.

There’s your part.

There’s God’s part.

Your part is to make sure you’re doing everything within your power like: facing fears and doing things that scare you, doing things when you really don’t feel like it, learning something new, reading something that challenges you, looking at things you’d rather ignore and getting proper rest and exercise.

It has to line up ladies and gentlemen.

Faith and action work hand-in-hand.



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