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There was a point in my life when I felt very stuck.

I felt as though I didn’t have a way out of a certain situation but I was reminded that I had the power to choose and I was so grateful for this reminder.

Many times we feel that we have to like and accept the things that life sometimes shells out at us.

But we have the power and the ability to choose.


We get to choose our response.

We get to choose our perspective.

We get to choose those we confide in.

We get to choose our circle and we can choose to change that circle if need be. Jesus chose His 12 companions. He handpicked them. So the next time someone says they were “sent” to help you…just remember…due your due diligence and you always have the right to choose…to say yes or no.

We get to choose faith or fear.

We get to choose light or darkness.

We get to choose right or wrong.

We get to choose if we stay or leave.

We get to choose who we say yes to.

We get to choose who we say no to.

This ability to choose sometimes causes great angst. We worry about the consequences of our choices but we have to trust that we are Spirit-led and be confident that all things really do work together.

You get to choose. I hope you find power and freedom in that today.



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