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Think of fear as a disease that spreads.

See it as a cancer that morphs and unpacks other illnesses within you.

Just like cold and flu germs have places where they thrive—water facets, door handles, and shared work telephones—fear also has a breeding ground. You know places where it can multiply and spread quickly.

So where are these two places where fear thrives?

The first place is in…


Fear can’t stand action. It lives and breeds in indecision. Fear would much rather you stay in the valley of decision than take a step forward or make a decision—good or bad. One of the side effects of fear is its ability to paralyze its host.  Its goal is to keep you in a stunned and dazed position. In this place, fear’s goal is to keep you entertained with every worst case scenario plausible further paralyzing you from making a decision.

But the moment you make a decision, you neutralize fear.

The moment you make a decision, the tension fear causes is released. For better or for worse a course of action has been determined and peace immediately follows.

Some years ago, hubby and I had a difficult decision to make and up until the time we made a decision and came up with a plan, I went through multiple bottles of antacids. I was anxious, I was scared, I was angry, my life came to a standstill. But the moment we made a decision and put a plan in place there was immediate calm. We had made a decision and that was it. We knew what we had to do and the stress of indecisiveness—stress is a byproduct of fear—left immediately.

The longer you reside in this indecisive state, the more fear has time to unpack and wreck havoc on your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical state.

Trust that you are Spirit-led and that everything ultimately works for your good.

Make your decision, banish fear and live in the peace God promises.


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