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Never heard of Fiverr?

It’s only the best thing to happen to businesses starting on a shoestring budget!

You can get all kinds of work done for about five bucks. For real. Some services cost more; it just depends on your needs.

I tell everyone if you’re going to use the service to vet your service provider carefully; read the reviews and look at their work.

Well that can be quite time consuming if life is happening all around you.

So I’ve done the hard work for you.

Every business needs a visual identity to present to the world and that visual identity is your logo.


Corporations spend thousands of dollars creating these because there’s a ton of research that goes into producing one on a corporate level. Not to mention the legal cost of protecting and trademarking the identity.

For those just starting out, spending thousands of dollars on a logo just isn’t realistic. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a logo that’s plain and unattractive.

[tweet_box]Fiverr makes it really easy and affordable for startups to get a great logo.[/tweet_box]

So here are my top three picks—the best Fiverr logo designers. Sure there are more but these are designers whose work I’d vouch for. I’ve used two of them and the third one, based on the reviews and samples is worth your consideration.

In no particular order…

Actual Review Net

Location: USA

Speaks: English

Turnaround: Choose express service for extra $5 or else 28-day wait time

Designs are clean and professional. No cheesy clip art. Real design work. Will give you three layouts to choose from and offers host of other design services. For extra fee will submit vector files for promotional item printing (pens, mugs, etc.)


Location: Morocco

Speaks: English, French, Arabic

Turnaround/Response Time: Responds in about three hours (he really does).

High reviews and does quality work. The only issue here was language. Explaining complicated concepts was a bit difficult but he delivers excellent work. Vector files also available for extra fee.

Gfx_Design58 – Anna

Location: Unknown

Speaks: English

Turnaround/Response Time: Listed as one hour

High reviews and does quality work.

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