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Fear…the adversary of every dream, goal and purpose known to man and woman kind.

Fear never travels alone, it always brings his friends Doubt and Worry.

And these three together will paralyze you from moving forward in your dreams, your goals and your purpose.

Some people say that fear is a good thing. I don’t know about that. I say a healthy dose of caution is a good thing but I know what Fear can do. I’ve seen its works and it’s not pretty.

I say Fear’s butt ought to be kicked so you can move forward!

On Saturday, Aug. 1, I have the honor of speaking to a fabulous group of women at the Hello Fear Conference.

I share with women all the time and live this truth personally; there are some things you’ll do with your knees knocking!

Meaning that there are times you’ll have to push through your fears to achieve your goals. Your knees may be knocking but you’re getting it done and fear can’t stand in the presence of action very long.

If Fear has been holding you back, I encourage you to join me.

If Fear has you hating on others who do what you’ve always wanted to do…join me.

If you’re looking at the clock and fretting whether you’ve waited too long to see your purpose and dreams manifest…join me.

It’s time you live the life God has for you!

The one you dream about and that life doesn’t include being paralyzed by Fear.

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