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“Your life isn’t about a big break, it is about one significant life transforming step at a time.” ~Tim Storey


This quote pretty much sums up what I know to be true.

I know about delaying life and waiting for that one big moment.

  • Waiting for that big financial windfall.
  • Waiting for the weight to fall.
  • Waiting till the kids grow up.
  • Waiting to not be tired.
  • Waiting till there’s X amount of money in the bank.
  • Waiting till I can hire full-time employees.
  • Waiting till someone sees my worth and value.
  • Waiting to be discovered.
  • Waiting till I get a new this (or that).
  • Waiting for an apology.
  • Waiting to be loved.

We put off living and making life-altering decision waiting for that one big break.

We don’t see the beauty and value in taking a single step. We tend to be all or nothing and dismiss other, smaller options available to us.

[tweet_box]But there’s power in taking a single step. One step automatically elevates you. [/tweet_box]

That’s why I encourage you to #PutItOutThere.

Even if it’s not perfect, you put it out there and tweak the process as you go along.

What’s important is to make that first step and stop waiting.

I wouldn’t know what I know today had I not taken that first incredibly scary step.

I wouldn’t have the content and body of work I have today if I had waited till I had a body like Kim Kardashian and hair like BeyoncĂ©.

Sometimes it’s about creating your own big break.

It’s about taking those first steps and not waiting on someone’s approval to be creative, to be free, to be great, to be YOU.

I promise it’s not about some big break. I still haven’t experienced one of those and I’m not waiting on it either.

I take calculated steps and I don’t wait for some big thing to happen in order to be happy or feel incredibly good about myself.

I had to learn this lesson the hard way because I was holding my breath…dying…waiting for something big to happen when I was the something big ready to happen.

Don’t put off living any longer.

Don’t put your life on hold waiting for some big break.

#ThisWomanKnows you can take control of your finances, your relationships, your business, your dreams, your health, happiness and well-being by taking a series of single, solitary steps.

You can do this.

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