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They’re on weight loss commercials, makeup ads, exercise infomercials…three little words in very fine type.

Results not typical.

This means the average person shouldn’t really get their hopes up too high because the fabulousness they’re seeing on TV, in the magazine ad, on the late night infomercial are the exception.

Network marketers have the potential to make millions of dollars but not everyone that signs up will even recoup their initial investment.

The fact is, the weight loss and beauty industries are billion dollar industries because we think that we’ll beat the odds…that we’ll be the one featured with those three words under our photo.

Why aren’t the results typical? Why aren’t more people experiencing the miracle? The success?

I can tell you why.

Because there’s work involved. There’s a consistency and dedication required and those things run very thin when it comes to achieving a goal and many don’t want to pay that price.

Ernestine pays the price every morning.

Results not typical require going beyond what’s expected.

Results not typical require removing “I don’t feel like it” from your vocabulary. I’m pretty certain I would tire of six egg whites and a handful of walnuts for breakfast every morning…but that’s why results are not typical.

Results not typical require doing what others won’t.

Results not typical require finding motivation every day because like Zig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.” Somehow those who experience the success find this daily motivation.

Results not typical require challenging “throwed-off” thinking and self-defeating behaviors.
[tweet_box]Results not typical requires that you do things that scare you…frequently.[/tweet_box]

In one of my presentations I tell women, “you’ll do it with your knees knocking.”

[tweet_box]Results not typical means filling out a permanent change of address form from your comfort zone. [/tweet_box]

Results not typical means making phone calls, Googling everything, reading all kinds of literature, attending webinars, putting into action all the stuff you’ve learned and getting back up fighting when you experience a setback.

Results not typical means you don’t throw away the whole day or week because you experienced a momentary lapse in judgement.

Results not typical means you stop taking certain people’s phone calls. It means you find people who are determined to live a “results not typical” kind of life.

Results not typical means you’re practicing when others are relaxing.

[tweet_box]Results not typical asks, “what’s an off season?”[/tweet_box]

Results not typical gets rain gear and workouts anyway.

That ladies and gentlemen is just a fraction of what it takes to be featured in weight loss commercials, be the world’s best network marketer, be featured on ESPN as a sports great or whatever your aspirations maybe.

You have to live a results not typical kind of life…everyday.



  • I really enjoyed this post. Results not typical…wow. “You’ll do it with your knees knocking.” Loved that quote. Thank you for the motivation to pursue those results not typical! 🙂

    • SheKnows says:

      You’re welcome Hannah! Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to share your thoughts! Appreciated!

  • Great article. I do not think people understand they are the determining factor in their results!

    • SheKnows says:

      Oh that’s good Amanda! So true. We are the determining factor! Thanks for your sharing your thoughts!

  • Michelle says:

    I read this with delight!!! People always make excuses and I loved this article which explains the mindset of individuals who refuse to have typical results.
    ….my thoughts reiterated….

    • SheKnows says:

      Michelle, glad you enjoyed! I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts here.

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