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Today’s message at Trinity Vineyard was a powerful one and reminded me of a Facebook post left by a friend of mine.

Work with me and I’ll tie all this together.

The series currently being taught is on friendship and the emphasis today was on the words we use and how they can impact our friendships.

Words can be use as water or gasoline.

Let that sit for a minute.

It was also said that our Facebook posts can either incite a riot or be a word fitly spoken.

Enter good friend’s Facebook post.



She said, “many of us will die in those closets, perpetually unhappy, because we failed to act on the information that prayer bought into our paths.”

Her words made me take another look at the people and particularly the emails flooding my inbox.

I always knew that answer to prayer doesn’t always come in a form that we expect or desire but it does come. Remember the story about the  man who prayed to be saved and turned down the car ride, the boat and the helicopter? He was convinced that God would miraculously save him. Then when the man dies, he asks God why didn’t he save him and God responds, I sent the car, boat and helicopter!

Some answers to prayer may come in form not immediately recognized and you may have to dig a bit to discover how its truth benefits you.

I can’t tell you how many times webinars are articles sitting in my inbox have been a much needed answer to prayer.

Recently, someone inboxed me on Facebook about one thing but what they didn’t know it was a solution I could use elsewhere.

I’ll never forget the wise words from a friend that said what you’re looking for is also looking for you.

I know we’re all inundated with information but I dare you to look closer.

I encourage you to look at these opportunities differently.

[tweet_box]Before you ignore that workshop or teleconference invite…look again to see if it’s not really an answer to prayer.[/tweet_box]

Get in touch with the host if you have questions not answered on their promo material.

Don’t die in your prayer closet.

Don’t discount and pour water on words meant to ignite you and move you closer to your goal.


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