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I talk to women who are upset with themselves for where they are in life.

Shucks, I used to be one of them.

You berate yourself for not being farther along than someone else.

You read the 40 under 40 list with disdain and wonder what’s wrong with you and ask why you couldn’t get it together.

Again it’s that whole comparing your behind the scenes with someone elses highlight reel and that always leaves you feeling defeated.

What I learned and what I share with other women is we learn the lessons when we’re ready to receive them.

In other words, the teacher comes when the student is ready.

There are some things I just wasn’t ready to process or deal with and so my teacher waited until I was ready.

Truth is sometimes difficult to digest…it’s like trying to give an infant peanut butter or honey. They’re simply not physically ready to process.

In the meantime, keep learning, exploring, praying, and investing in your mind, body and spirit.

The teacher will appear and teach you what you need for your next level.


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