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Some daily rituals are sacred to me.

I credit much of my growth over the past two years to a dedicated and consistent time of prayer and meditation.

It’s obvious to me when I’ve missed a few days due to life’s craziness. There’s nothing like mayhem shattering your schedule and forcing you to adjust in real time.

But my quiet time is sacred and I always return to it.

Even when I have to alter when and where.

I’ve practiced this quiet time in the parking lot while our youngest gets a hair cut.


When my house was busy and bustling with activity I found a great space outdoors to pray and reconnect. I was surrounded by trees…and chickens and loved it when a breeze would make the chimes ring. There’s nothing quite like praying outdoors while the sun warms your face on a cool day.

It’s how I keep my head and my heart straight.

My success depends on this daily ritual and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What’s your sacred daily ritual? Is it your morning run? An evening walk with your dog?



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