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yawning-mommy- morning

My kids are all grown up now.

One still lives at home but he’s independent and that means I have more “me time.”

He washes his own clothes and cooks his own breakfast if I decide to sleep in.

Our kids grow up but that can seem like an eternity away when you’re knee-deep in diapers and legos.

I remember when they were both young and how difficult it was to have this coveted “me time.”

As a mom of young children, you barely get to go to the bathroom by yourself.

So let me help moms of young children especially if you’re a single mom.

Don’t feel guilty if you’re not able to have prayer/meditation/devotion/quiet time first thing in the morning.

I remember the guilt hurled from well-meaning folk who said we needed to give God the first part of our day. Even if that meant waking up super early to do so.

Let’s be real.

Mom’s are some hard working people and are typically the ones giving late night feedings and up with sick children. It’s kind of cruel to ask a woman working on four hours of sleep to set her alarm an hour early for this personal time of devotion.

I understand sacrifice and there will be times when it’s needed and/or required but to say this should be normal behavior for moms with young children is unfair.

So to all you sleep deprived moms out there feeling guilty because the first part of your day finds you scrambling for missing socks and getting kids on the bus…exhale. God knows.

If all you have is the ten minutes in the shower, God honors that.

If your car becomes your sanctuary between dropping off the kids and arriving to work…God honors that too.

The ten minutes in the shower or 20 minutes in your rolling sanctuary become daily rituals that you can look forward to—consider them sacred.

This time in your life finds you caring for little people and that’s important (and time consuming and exhausting) but know they’ll grow up.

And when they do, the same God that met you in your rolling sanctuary will be there to meet you in your early morning quiet time.




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