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Some really smart person told me that before you can feel anything, you tell yourself a story.

The story isn’t long.  It’s short yet powerful enough to reinforce whatever you believe to be true even if what you perceive as truth is actually a lie.

These thoughts usually don’t echo the words or thoughts of our Father or what’s been recorded in His Word.

The stories we tell ourselves can leave us feeling defeated, unloved, and fearful.

Living from your core requires you erase inaccurate and outdated information and replace them with the facts.

You tell yourself, “yea, what He said!”

In order to live from my core, I had to know and agree with what He said.

So what had the Father already spoken about me? Where were He and I at odds?

I wrote out my list of who I knew I was at my core.

Things like, at my core:

  • I am redeemed
  • I am forgiven
  • I am His temple
  • I have no fear (perfect love casts out all fear and He hasn’t given me this spirit)
  • I am loved…not tolerated…loved
  • I don’t know lack
  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made
  • My steps are ordered
  • I hear Him clearly
  • I have the mind of Christ
  • I have His peace

These are a few of the things I tell myself. This is who I am at my core and I live, love, lead and serve from this place.

I don’t have to try and be any of these things, He says I already am.

What are you telling yourself?

Does it line up with the fact of His Word?

Create your own list of core identifiers and then replace those stories with the fact of His Word.

This is how we begin to live from our core.


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