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There is no getting around the need to exercise. We all know that it helps us to feel better, live longer and look great. Let’s just be honest, it is a LOT of work! Often when we think of fitness, we think of arduous cardio workouts, long hours in the gym, and eating tasteless food. We are encouraged to walk more during warmer weather but eating is usually where we’ll fall short. So how do you embrace fitness and make it fun? Have a perspective shift! Make it so seamless into your life that it just fits and make it fun. Here are some ways to get over the hump.

In celebration of National Physical Fitness and Sports month, try some of the ideas below.

fun fitness

  1. Better together. Join a CSA (community supported agriculture). Gardening and farming are a form of movement and can strengthen your legs and arms as well as give you access to the best nutrition. Produce harvested in the first twenty-four hours is best for your body. As a member, you are encouraged to pick your own or even take part in the preparing of the land.
  1. Pick a sport. Adult leagues are popping up everywhere. Check your local community center or sports clubs. Near me are a Cricket and soccer club, Rugby, tennis and basketball. Get involved and pick a sport. In my college years, I enjoyed ultimate Frisbee. It is the Frisbee version of American football. A great idea to start a league in your
  1. Just Dance. I live for my Saturday Zumba classes. There are also salsa, ballroom, and other dance classes. Or just groove to your favorite tunes in your own space whether it is home or office.
  1. Jump rope. This another great option and improves focus. Have writers block? Jump rope. There is no better oxygen, brain boosting exercise that is fun for adults and children alike. 
  1. Hula hoop. Okay well maybe this is a close second for a sport fun for adults and children alike.
  1. Ride a bike or take a hike. It does not have to be competitive, although there are 5 and 10k bike-a-thons. Just ride through the neighborhood with your family or partner. Make a family get back to nature day and hike a nearby trail.
  1. Do a 5 or 10 k for a cause. Be a good citizen and do your body good, walk for a cause.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to take your fitness practice to the next level or to revive it. Stay committed and most of all make it fun!




  • Diana Miret says:

    Great advice all of them! And of course I love that you included running into the mix! I also have a work-out buddy – my husband. He loves to go to the gym. Support is so helpful.

  • Cordelia says:

    Thanks! Although I am not much of a runner, I enjoy it and encourage it and supporting great causes.

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