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The Whole Woman Summit Releases Session to the Public on Refugees and the Christian Response

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In late night hours of yesterday, the breaking news of a U.S. air strike on Syria was enough to send my mind wandering in a million directions. How is it possible we can release missiles into a country whose refugees we won’t accept? There are over 21 million refugees worldwide and over 50 percent of them are children. This is … Read more...

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Women’s History Month: Celebrating Graphic Arts Industry Icon, Cheryl D. Miller

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I didn’t learn about her until I moved to Texas.

She had been featured in yet another magazine article and someone mentioned her to me and I was amazed.

Here was an “African-American” graphic designer who had made her mark in New York City. I say African-American because that’s how she identified herself then. Today she knows differently, but I’ll … Read more...

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Human Trafficking Awareness Month Part 4 – Advocacy Day VLOG

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Introducing This Woman Knows very first vlog!

We followed Redeemed Ministries Operations Director, Desirie Dougall, to the State Capitol for Human Trafficking Advocacy Day sponsored by Children at Risk.

Watch a few highlights from the day.

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Human Trafficking Awareness Month Part 3 – A Survivor’s Poem, At My Core

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January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and I have the privilege of serving a group of young women rescued from sex trafficking and prostitution.

A few times a year I go and prepare the girls for a story slam or poetry slam (a showcase for the girls to tell their stories, read their poems).

One year, that one girl amazed …

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Human Trafficking Awareness Month – Part 2: Sex Trafficking & The Super Bowl

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January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and it comes on the heels of one of the biggest sporting events ever—the Super Bowl.

human trafficking and the super bowl

I had a chance to interview Desirie Dougall, the operations director of Redeemed Ministries and get her insight on the big public events like the Super Bowl and increased sex trafficking. I also joined her at the State … Read more...

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Human Trafficking Awareness Month – Part 1: A Volunteer’s Story

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If “service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth” as boxing great Muhammad Ali stated…then I pay rent to a few different organizations. Freedom Place and Redeemed Ministries to name a few and both help women heal after being sex trafficked.

Freedom Place treats and counsels young girls under the age of 18 and … Read more...

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International Day of Peace

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On September 11, 2001, the United Nations voted to make the International Day of Peace a permanent fixture every year. Since 1981, it had been the third Thursday of September and not well recognized worldwide. Interestingly enough at 10:23 am in New York City, the unforgettable events that some harbor ill feelings towards Muslims and Islam, were unfolding almost simultaneously.… Read more...

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Why Lying To Yourself is The Greatest Deception

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deception this woman knows

When the Home Shopping Network (HSN) was very new, my sister and I would watch the show faithfully. We absolutely loved the jewelry segment of the show and who wouldn’t? Amazing gold filigree rings and necklaces. We watched thick gold Figaro bracelets and doorknocker bamboo earrings sellout in minutes.

However, when you’re an unemployed teenager of working class parents, the … Read more...

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