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Human Trafficking Awareness Month – Part 2: Sex Trafficking & The Super Bowl

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January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and it comes on the heels of one of the biggest sporting events ever—the Super Bowl.

human trafficking and the super bowl

I had a chance to interview Desirie Dougall, the operations director of Redeemed Ministries and get her insight on the big public events like the Super Bowl and increased sex trafficking. I also joined her at the State … Read more...

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Why Lying To Yourself is The Greatest Deception

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deception this woman knows

When the Home Shopping Network (HSN) was very new, my sister and I would watch the show faithfully. We absolutely loved the jewelry segment of the show and who wouldn’t? Amazing gold filigree rings and necklaces. We watched thick gold Figaro bracelets and doorknocker bamboo earrings sellout in minutes.

However, when you’re an unemployed teenager of working class parents, the … Read more...

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Glamour ‘Get Schooled’ Project Shows Power of Educating Girls Through Storytelling

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Without a doubt education opens doors and increases opportunities for all who have the opportunity to partake in the academic exercise. This is especially true for girls and young women in developing nations. Education is a critical part of the process of becoming a woman who knows.

Finishing grade school and going on to college or trade school can … Read more...

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Practice What You Preach – Mastery Series

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You’ve got journals full of insight and wisdom. Congratulations!

You’ve talked with a trusted friend or counselor and have a better understanding on a few things. Awesome!

You’ve gained some new perspectives through prayer and meditation. Fab-u-lous!

Your aha moments are many and you’re reveling in all this new information and wisdom! Great!

So…um…you do know you’re responsible for all …

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10 Women’s Conferences You Should Know About

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As women gain more opportunities in the marketplace and the workplace, more conferences are being launched to support them in their personal, spiritual and business lives. This Woman Knows (TWK) is proud to present 10 women’s conferences that will keep your personal evolution moving forward. This list contains conferences that focus on spirituality, business and the total woman. We’ve even … Read more...

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