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I’m the last person to act brand new or clutch a set of pearls during this current crisis we all find ourselves in. And my guess is, neither are you.

We all go through tough times—experiencing seasons of loss and hardship. It’s life. But how you handle these times is everything.

Since this isn’t my first rodeo, I wanted to share a few things I know for sure occur during difficult times.

  1. I am always provided for. Whatever need I may have, somehow, the solution always manifests and the need gets met. And not always in a way that I might immediately appreciate. Let me be very clear about that. I even remember saying, “I’m not quite sure I would have done it like that but, um, okay.” However, when I look back—the need got met, the prayer got answered. People, and not always blood relatives show up unexpectedly and share just what I need. This always happens and this miracle is not lost on me. I’m always very grateful and appreciative.
  2. There’s peace in making a tough decision. These unique circumstances will demand that some make tough decisions. And we tend to typically worry, lose sleep, and over-indulge in stuff that’s not good for us. We play out worst-case scenarios, run through all the what-ifs and mentally torture ourselves. I find that once a decision has been made, usually comes a sense of peace. You’ve considered all the possible outcomes and even if the worst happens, you have a plan in place. And there’s a certain peace that comes from having a plan. This doesn’t mean life will be a cakewalk, it just means that all the worry and turmoil about the decision goes away because you made the decision. The quicker you can make the tough decision, the quicker you can shift to a place of peace.
  3. Scary moments are usually temporary. I say usually because some find themselves in scary domestic situations or other life-threatening situations. But for others, these moments are temporary even if it does seem like they last forever. We’ll get to hang out with friends again, find the things we need on the store shelves again. Life will certainly be different on the other side of this pandemic but this current moment is a temporary one.

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  • Janet says:

    Thank you for the reminder that this too shall pass. We all need to remember who is really in control here. . .and it’s definitely not the people. We have a higher power (God) that is the one who knows all that we do not understand. Everything will work out the way it is supposed to. . .but in His time not ours.

    Finding your website and you has been a true blessing in my life.



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