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Loving and serving the emotionally wounded requires a certain maturity and a mastery in the art of compassion and yes, self-love.

Loving and serving emotionally wounded folk requires that you not mirror back the behavior they’re exhibiting.

It requires that you stay calm, always keep the bigger picture in mind and for you yourself not to act out of frustration.

That’s where the self-love comes in because caring for the emotionally wounded can be mentally and physically taxing. Recharging and taking time for yourself is non-negotiable and it’s the area I see a lot of women fall short. Without proper self-care, many try to pour while on empty and that’s when your service can become tainted or even harmful.

In healthy relationships, love is often reciprocated and expressed.

When serving wounded people, that’s not always the case. Especially if you’re not serving the individual long term. You’re not there long enough to reap the benefits of their growth and healing. Basically, you get the worst of it and you have to be okay with that.

So if you’re serving the emotionally wounded, remember to take time for you.

It’s a work that demands you do so in order to keep serving. It’s necessary in order to keep being light, salt and love.


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